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Soft launch announcement

We’re excited to announce the soft launch of Paved – a marketplace that matches business development talent with the most relevant opportunities at fast growing tech companies using a skills-based matching algorithm.

When you think about the most impactful decisions in your life, finding a job that brings the best out of you is on top of the list. And yet, the apparatus by which we make this decision is incredibly poor. The tools at your disposal to find a new job haven’t changed in years. The recruitment space has been dominated by job boards and platforms that cater to broad audiences and use generic search terms. As a result:

  • Candidates struggle to find the most relevant position for their skills and experience and end up applying for multiple roles – many of which they are under or over qualified for; and

  • Companies get cluttered with a high volume of low quality applications.

At Paved, we are reengineering the way things are done and are on a mission to help candidates and companies reach their full potential. Our matching algorithm addresses semantic issues common in sourcing (i.e. goes beyond keyword matching), focuses on specific niches (business development to start with), and accurately captures a candidate’s business development skills and interests. By offering a new level of granularity to the matchmaking process, both candidates and companies save time, reduce costs and achieve greater work collaborations.

Ultimately our vision is to predict in real time which candidates have the skills to succeed within a given role and match them with opportunities that offer them the highest potential.

What’s in it for candidates

For the soft launch, we’re focusing on opportunities in the London FinTech space – a booming industry and home to some of the world’s fastest growing businesses, including Funding Circle, Monzo and Revolut. On Paved, as a candidate, you simply create a profile (takes less than 5 min) and instead of having to apply to opportunities, companies will approach you with interview requests. Most importantly, you’ll hear about opportunities that accurately match your business development skills and interests. Does your expertise lie in long sales cycles? Then our matching algorithm will ensure you hear back from companies that require this skill set. At the end of the day, we want to make sure you end up in a role that allows you to leverage your skills and live up to your full potential.

From one of our candidates:

‘This sounds like music to my ears. I have friends that were looking to change jobs and did about 90 applications. They ended up just taking a role – it could have been any role.’

What’s in it for companies

As part of the soft launch, we’ve been onboarding a number of fast-growing and highly innovative FinTech companies. On Paved, companies can simply select the skills they require for their BD job opening(s) (takes less than 5 mins), get instantly matched with vetted and actively looking BD talent (including a matching breakdown that outlines why each proposed candidate is a good match to the role), and request an interview directly through the system. Companies can expect candidate responses within 48 hours and can secure a hire in less than 14 days.

To quote one of our customers:

‘We love Paved’s objective and data-driven approach to determining which candidates to take to an interview stage. Knowing that each candidate is of high quality saves us time reviewing hundreds of irrelevant applications.’

What’s next?

We’re committed to ensuring that our matching algorithm serves our mission. As part of this, we’ll be spending the coming months incorporating users’ feedback and bringing onboard a Chief Science Advisor to help offer a continuously improved job matching mechanism. We’ll also be investing time in improving the general design and functionality of the platform to ensure a streamlined and smooth user experience.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re in business development and actively looking for a new opportunity, you’ll receive up to 2 interview requests each week from some of the fastest growing FinTech companies in London.

If you’re a fast growing FinTech company either actively looking for BD talent or simply building your pipeline ahead of time, you’ll get your first hire free of charge. First and foremost, we value your feedback!

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