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Our purpose

At Paved we are on a mission to help candidates and companies reach their full potential. While technology is continuously redefining our lives for the better, finding the right job and hiring talent remains a challenging and time-consuming process. On the one hand, candidates spend countless hours drafting individual applications to then be kept in the dark and, on the other hand, companies receive a high volume of applications that are of little relevance.

At Paved, we’re solving this by automating every step of the sourcing and matching process, providing transparency and instant access to relevant matches based on skills. By analysing what industry and role related skills companies value the most, our matching algorithm can predict in real time which candidates have the skills required to succeed and can recommend career directions that offer them the highest potential.

Our team

Laura Heijink
Laura HeijinkCo-founder
Victoria Seymour-Stathopoulou
Victoria Seymour-StathopoulouCo-founder
Thanos Testebasis
Thanos TestebasisLead Software Engineer